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Some of the Features of our FreeNAS based Enterprise Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Open hardware  –  All parts of our hardware is easily available in your local market and online.
And all parts are user-replaceable
Open Source Software –  FreeNAS is an open source operating system that gives you lifetime free security updates and upgrades to the latest operating systems.
High End configuration – All our FreeNAS hardware comes with a minimum of 16GB RAM, which allows plenty of simultaneous users. Similar priced Commercial NAS in the market have system memory starting at only 2 GB.
Easily Upgradable – You can easily upgrade the hardware at anytime you feel your requirements have exceeded the hardware’s capabilities. All parts including CPU,Motherboard, RAM, PSU are easily replaceable. This cannot be done with ANY OTHER commercial NAS vendor in the market.
Documentation, Forums and support
– FreeNAS official Wiki provides all information required to get started and also contains many How-Tos. You can also search the FreeNAS forums for commonly found problems / bugs. In Addition, Namek Technologies also provides commercial support (basic support included with your purchase).
Free to try – If you are new to FreeNAS and want to try out the software before you purchase, you can download it from the FreeNAS official website

Some of the Features of FreeNAS operating system:

– File Sharing: FreeNAS comes with
SMB / CIFS (Windows file sharing)
NFS (Unix File shares)
AFP (Apple File Shares)
iSCSI (block sharing) – supports VMware

– Data Protection

FreeNAS uses the ZFS file system (Originally developed by Sun Microsystems) which is designed for complete data integrity and protection. Most of the commercial NAS around similar price range use the common EXT3 File system (Qnap) which is not designed for an enterprise storage.
More information about ZFS can be found on ZFS Wikipedia page

– Snapshots
With ZFS Snapshots, you can save the entire file system in any point in time, which allows you to recover from deleted files to undoing a crypto ransomware attack like the WannaCrypt / Wanna Cry viruses from May 2017

– Replication
Using ZFS snapshots, you can replicate the entire snapshot of the file system to a remote FreeNAS / ZFS System that allows you to maintain a complete duplicate in case of a complete disaster

For industries that have to meet various compliance in terms of data privacy and security, FreeNAS allows full volume encryption during volume creation. This ensures complete data security against loss or theft.
Moreover, Encryption allows for easy recycling / discarding of the hard drives as any potential sensitive data is completely irrecoverable.

If you are new to FreeNAS, Please visit FreeNAS Official Website for a more detailed information

Email Alerts
FreeNAS provides a variety of email alerts depending on your configuration. Most common alerts include ZFS scrubs,
and SMART monitoring alerts, Which gives you a real-time alert if one or more drives have failed.

– Plugins

FreeNAS supports adding more features via plugins that allow extending the core functionality. Some of the most used plugins are:
– Plex Media Server – A media streaming server
– Own Cloud / Nextcloud – A “personal Dropbox” with Sync capabilities
– BitTorrent Sync

Below is a comparison table of our current FreeNAS Hardware offerings.

Namek FreeNAS CN1 Namek FreeNAS EN1
CPU Core i3 7100 7th Gen @3.90 Ghz Intel Avoton C2550 Upto 2.60 Ghz
Case 6-Bay Enclosure with soft mounted hard drives,
anti-vibration pads
Multiple vents with dust filters
1U Full length Rack Mountable Chassis with Rails
4x Hot Swappable Hard Drive Trays
Expandable PCI-E Slots
Storage Capacity Up to 36TB (6 X 6TB) Up to 32TB (4 X 8TB)
Memory (RAM) Upto 32GB DDR4 2400Mhz (Non-ECC) Upto 32GB ECC Server Class Memory
Network 2 x Intel Gigabit Ethernet Port. Expandable upto 6 Via PCI-E Slot 4 x Intel Gigabit Ethernet Ports, 1x dedicated IPMI management.
Hard Drive Bays 6 x SATA 3.5” Drive Bays 4 x SATA / SAS 3.5” Hot Swappable Drive Trays
Power Supply Corsair High Efficiency (85%) 550W 350W Multi-output Gold level Efficiency PSU
Dimensions (in.) 18.0 x 11.0 x 13.0 19.85 x 17.2 x 1.7
Weight 10 Kg Approx (without drives) 17 Kg Approx (without drives)
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