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Technical support for FreeNAS Network Attached Storage.

Namek Technologies provides third-party FreeNAS technical support *

Some of the things we can help you with:

– Initial FreeNAS setup and installation for your office:
Includes setting up your network interface, Setting up RAID levels

– File Sharing
We can help you setup various file sharing protocols
Samba Shares (Windows Shares)
AFP (Apple File Shares)
iSCSi (Block shares commonly used for virtualization software like VMware)

– ZFS Snapshots
Setting up automated ZFS snapshots to protect your data from accidental deletion, overwrites or any kind of unwanted modifications.

– ZFS Replication
If you have multiple FreeNAS storage systems,  we can help you setup replication. ZFS Replication allows you to mirror your entire storage (your individual datasets via snaphots) to a backup / secondary box. Many of our customers utilize this feature for off-site replication

– Encryption
In order to meet compliance or increase data security at rest, we can help you setup full disk encryption. This protects your data from any kind of physical theft of the entire storage system or individual drives.
Some of our FinTech / NBFC customers use this feature to meet SEBI requirements

– Link aggregation
Since all our FreeNAS Based storage systems have multiple gigabit ports, we can help you setup link aggregation to increase your storage throughput by combining multiple links into a single logical link. This is useful especially when you have a large number of users accessing the NAS simultaneously.

– Email Alerts
Assistance with setting up critical notifications via email. FreeNAS can send you alerts if any component of the system is at risk. This might include a failing ZFS pool due to a bad drive, failure / corruption of the boot disk(s), or even information about routine maintenance tasks and scans.

– Disaster recovery
In case your FreeNAS does not work as expected, A drive goes bad, or the OS does not boot up, we can provide expert assistance on bringing your system back online, or in worst cases, migrate your entire data to another NAS system.

Technical support is provided with the following methods:
Using remote assistance software

Notes, Terms and Conditions:

Please contact us for a detailed quote before ordering. Price mentioned is the MINIMUM support charges and may vary greatly depending on various scenarios and requirements (for both one time and Annual)
– Onsite technical support is not available directly by us.
– Technical support timings are Monday to Friday. 11 AM to 6 PM
– Technical Support is charged on a per-ticket one time basis or annually (depending on your purchase)
– 1 year support includes a total of 12 support tickets
– Price shown above is only applicable for pre-defined common tasks. For special configurations, please ask us for a quote
– Please open a support ticket after you sign-up detailing your requirements and our technicians will give you a call.
Also mention your availability and contact information in the ticket.

*Namek technologies is a third-party vendor and is not affiliated with FreeNAS / IXsystems in any capacity

Additional information

Support Duration

Basic Installation, Advance Installation, NFW3150 & Firewall, 1 Year Basic Support, 1 Year Advance Support


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