Namek UTM Firewall 200B

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Namek UTM Firewall 200B With 1 Year Basic Technical support (remote only)

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Namek UTM Firewall 200B

Namek Technologies brings you the most affordable Namek UTM Firewall 200B  firewall in India.

Embedded System with HDMI Port for display output !

Very High Quality Build, Small, with configuration customization options!

Intel Dual Core 3215U  CPU
Low power (15W)
4x Gigabit Intel NICs
16GB SSD / 500GB HDD (or both!)

Why the Namek UTM Firewall 200B Should be your top choice for firewall?
– Most affordable and cheapest hardware firewall in the market capable of sustaining hundreds of users
– It is a top notch Intel Broadwell platform , Fanless and uses very Low power (15W)
– Very Small form factor (Vesa Mount Included)


Technical Specifications

Hardware Specifications:

Max Firewall Throughput – 800+ Mbps
Max Concurrent Sessions – 4,000,000 upto 8,000,000 (with 8GB RAM)
Suggested Number of Users –  300 – 800
Network Interface – 4x Intel Gigabit NIC
Max VPN Throughput – 50+ Mbps
Storage – 16GB mSATA SSD + optional HDD
VPN Users – Unlimited
USB – 2 x USB 3.0 Ports for 3G / 4G
Weight – 2Kg
Power Consumption – 15W
Firmware – Open Source firewall operating system
Warranty – 1 Year Hardware warranty


Namek UTM Firewall Features:

Stateful Firewall

  • Interface based Rules
  • Control routing between interfaces
  • Protect your network from hackers

NAT / Port Forwarding

  • Many to One NAT for Port forwarding
  • One to One NAT to use multiple IP addresses on a single WAN connection


  • Remote access VPN: Unlimited VPN clients available for PC / Mobile
  • Site to Site VPN: Connect your branch offices to your head office for intranet access over any internet connection

Dynamic DNS

  • If you don’t have a static IP, but need to configure VPN or port forwarding for various applications like DVR, Web, FTP
  • You can integrate our firewall with many popular dynamic DNS providers Like N-IP or DynDNS

WAN Load Balancing

  • Multi-WAN Load balancing to use multiple ISPs at the same time (either in failover or load balancing mode)
  • Combine multiple WAN links
  • 3G / 4G Support

Web Filtering Options

  • Multiple Web Filtering options:
  • Using Built-in Web Proxy for content filtering
  • Using DNS based filter like OpenDNS for easy to use high performance Domain based filtering

Captive Portal

  • This feature allows you to force login via username / password or voucher code.
  • This is commonly used on Wi-Fi hotspot networks (malls, coffee shops, hotels, airports)

System Graphs Various System Graphs:

  • Memory usage
  • CPU usage
  • Packets per second (PPS)
  • Realtime Traffic Graphs
  • Interface Statistics (IN / OUT)

Two Factor Authentication

  • Provide Secure Internet Access with username / password + OTP
  • OTP can be generated using Google’s Authenticator App. Available for Android / iOS / Chrome / Windows

Auto backup to google drive

  • Hassle free automatic firewall configuration backup to your Google Drive account.
  • Backup multiple versions in case of a system reinstall.

Mobile Optimized User Interface

  • Configure the firewall using any mobile device with a smaller screen.
  • Provides easy configuration access for administrators travelling or out of the office.

Bandwidth Reporting

  • Detailed information like packet flows including source, destination ip and port number
  • Export usage reports to CSV files
  • Bandwidth Reporting based on Cisco’s Netflow Protocol

No Subscription Fees

  • No Annual subscription charges
  • No licensing fees
  • Support available on an annual or per-call basis.

Lifetime Free OTA Updates

  • Lifetime free security updates
  • Lifetime free software / features updates
  • Completely vendor neutral.

Customizable Software

  • Extend the functionality of the firewall beyond the core components through the use of plugins.

No User Limit

  • No defined user limit
  • Capable of 300+ users with 4GB RAM
  • No user-based pricing

Lowest Price to Performance Ratio

  • Supports a very large number of users (300 to 500 concurrent users) For a very low price
  • One time purchase
  • Lifetime free updates

Open Hardware

  • Upgrade RAM / SSD at any time
  • Upgrade or even replace the operating system at any time
  • Dual storage options – mSATA SSD + 2.5″ SATA HDD

Power Efficient

  • It consumes only 15W of power
  • Uses Standard 12V DC Adapter

Highly Reliable

  • Premium Aluminum Chassis for better cooling
  • Supports 24×7 operation in a variety of conditions

Technical Expertise

  • Over 10 years of experience in IT Security Industry
  • More than 500+ firewalls deployed at compaines of all sizes
  • Technical Support available for a variety of network scenarios.

Various Use Cases
Our firewalls are being used in a variety of scenarios:

  • Web Filter
  • Load balancing and failover
  • VPN for site to site connectivity
  • Providing secure
    Wi-Fi access at hotels to guests

Easy Returns

  • Get easy returns all over India.Call technical support and log a return request
  • Send your faulty device to our head office.
  • After inspection, a replacement device will be shipped within 48 hours.

Support and Warranty

This product comes with 1 Year Hardware warranty

What is the warranty process? What if the device fails during warranty period?
If the device fails during the warranty period, you simply have to send the faulty device to us and we will send you a replacement after inspection.


Why Us?

Why should you choose Namek Technologies as your next firewall vendor?

– Expertise, not just a hardware vendor – We’re experts in overall computer networking, cloud computing, information security and not your average hardware dealer who just sells on behalf of the manufacturer

– Deployed 200+  firewalls across various verticals and companies of all sizes (Small to Large scale)

– Our prime goal is to provide an affordable, stable and secure firewall solution to SMEs in India


Comparison with commercial firewalls

Benefits with our firewall are:

– No subscription charges – With most commercial firewalls you have to pay an expensive “subscription fees” to use even the most basic functions. With  firewalls, there are no subscription charges whatsoever.

– Lifetime free updates and upgrades – You get free security updates and upgrades to new versions free of charge.

– No user limit – You have no hard limits on number of users. You can add as many users as the hardware resources permit

– Open hardware – If you don’t like or want to switch to something else, you can easily install virtually ANY operating system without any problems. Once you purchase the hardware, it is yours to do as you like!

– Extensible – You can extend the features of the firewall by installing additional packages of your choice. (Like snort / suricata, squid /squidguard )

– Highly affordable – Most commercial firewalls with 4GB ram (that virtually support 4,000,000+ concurrent connections or more) start at a very high price


Comparison with assembled desktop firewalls

While you can easily build an assembled desktop firewall for about the same price, here is why we recommend the Namek UTM Firewall 200B:

Consumes Less power – It only consumes 15W of power, which means it can be online on your UPS for a very long time as compares to a regular 500W desktop SMPS

Highly Reliable – Our firewall has no moving parts with passive cooling and so it is far more reliable than any assembled desktop that frequently fail due to SMPS, FAN and other failures.

Takes Less Space – Due to its compact size, It takes up the same space as your broadband modem or a wireless router. You can even mount it behind a monitor with the included VESA Mount Plate


Current use cases

Currently, this firewall is being used in a variety of industry verticals. 

Some use cases are:

– As a standard firewall to secure your network against hackers

– For website filtering at offices, schools, colleges, call centers, Industries etc.

– As a WAN load balancer to combine multiple internet connections for companies that need 100% uptime.
You can even use 3G / 4G routers for failover / loadbalancing

– At hotels / restaurants where you want to offer guest Wi-Fi with username / password or voucher based authentication.

– For connecting branch offices to the corporate office on standard broadband connections 

28 reviews for Namek UTM Firewall 200B

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  2. Yaseen Ahmed

    Performs flawless.

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    Very Satisfied.

  4. Dilip Shriwastava

    This device is by far the most powerful and reliable one.

  5. Karan Pawar

    Simple and elegant design.

  6. Anil Khalane

    Built quality is excellent.

  7. Vijay Upadhyay

    I really like the case design and it looks very professional-grade, finned aluminum with vents and black paint finish.

  8. Rajesh Sahu

    Great Firewall Device

  9. Harsha Mittal

    Our company has been using this UTM 200B product line for years.

  10. Dhruti Krishna

    All as expected.

  11. Soumyashree Das

    Highly recommend this.

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    Good Product – Fast shipping!

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    Simply outstanding.

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    Absolutely amazing device.

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    Good performance device.

  16. Madhav Sharma

    Recently deployed. It is pretty good for the price.

  17. Sushanth Yadav

    This firewall easily the best value out there.

  18. Amit Jana

    For small to midsized businesses, this is a good buy.

  19. Robin Fransis

    It works perfectly with more than 300 users at my work place!!

  20. Dheeraj Rathore

    Wonderful firewall.

  21. Nithin Ganguly

    Did some research and decided to try this firewall. I couldn’t be happier.

  22. Kapil Purohit

    All as expected.

  23. Madan Verma

    All as expected. Excellent Device.

  24. Bipin Sawlani

    I’m pretty happy with this machine.

  25. Yaseen Khan

    It wasn’t too expensive, performs well, and runs cool, even though it is fanless.

  26. Rameshwar Rao

    Our company has been using this device since 2years, not a single failure occurred till date.

  27. Abhishek Jawar

    This micro-appliance is very nicely built and packaged.
    Fast delivery and nice product.

  28. Sheetal Jha

    Everything is working great.

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