WD Red 4TB NAS Hard Drive – For FreeNAS Mini


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1 x 4TB Western Digital RED NAS Optimized Hard Drives For FreeNAS Mini Storage Server

From the Manufacturer

WD Red

NAS Storage

What are the benefits of NASware 3.0?
  • Unrivaled NAS experience
  • Improves compatibility
  • Enhances reliability
  • Optimizes the HDD for 24×7 NAS environments
  • WD Red drives run cool and quieter in demanding NAS systems

WD Red Hard Drives

The Right Choice for NAS

WD NAS hard drives are the essential solution for NAS applications. These drives are cool and quiet, and offer optimum compatibility in 24×7 NAS systems with up to eight bays.

  • Network attached storage hard drives with up to 6TB capacities
  • NASware 3.0 for optimal performance and compatibility
  • Designed for personal, home, and small business NAS systems up to 8-bays

Experienced in Network Attached Storage

No matter which NAS enclosure you decide to purchase, you can trust that WD Red hard drives will be the most compatible NAS storage on the market.

Recommended for up to 8-bay NAS systems

Available in up to 6 TB capacities, WD Red allows for a potential of 48 TB total storage space in an 8-bay NAS system.

NAS for home or small business

WD Red hard drives enable our customers to create their own reliable Personal Cloud systems whether it’s in the office or at home.